Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Shadow Knows

Satellites © Christie Minchew 2014
Aluminum and Steel
My latest mobile is sans color, but the shadows make up for it. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wired for the Holidays!

Wire and hand dyed fiber Wreath © Christie Minchew 2014
 Just finished this wire wreath.  
Aluminum and copper wire with hand dyed silk and synthetic fiber and twisted and curled and ready to celebrate :)!
Wire and hand dyed fiber Wreath © Christie Minchew 2014 
Right now there is just one but hopefully more will be ready before the Chatham Studio Tour, December 6th and 7th, 13th and 14th (two weekends) from 10am-5pm each day. Head for Stop #12 to see what I've been having fun with lately.  
But first, Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Butterflies or Dragonflies? That is the question!

  Anisoptera Flamboyantus © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
At my last show, the Alamance Studio Tour, I had my most recent creations. During the show, someone asked if I ever do dragonflies.  I do now!
So what do you think: Butterflies or Dragonflies? 
And, whichever gets the most votes (Butter or Dragon) will be at Stop #12 on the Chatham Studio Tour!
Anisoptera Colorfulus © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Latest: Papilio Series

 Papilio jubilee © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
I decided to do some needle felting and do a butterfly (Papilio) series.  There are five 6"x6" shadow box framed butterflies. They were fun to do...especially the antennae ...and the tutu (see bottom) :)
Papilio polkadotus © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Papilio graffitius © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Papilio winter wood © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Papilio ballerinus 'Degas' © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
They are $50 each and you can see them at the Alamance Studio Tour this weekend - Stop 10.  There are 5 other artists at Jill Troutman's home and the place looks fantastic!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In my studio...purses!

Santa Fe © Christie Minchew 2014
wool, ribbon, wet-felting
I took the advice of a fellow artist and made some purses this week.  I dusted off my wet-felting skills, and we had the perfect weather for playing in water!
Peacock © Christie Minchew 2014
wool, ribbon, wet-felting
Glasses not included :)
Come see them (and me) at the Alamance Studio Tour, October 11 and 12.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mobile love...

Jelly No5 © Christie Minchew 2014
wire, hand dyed silk and filter cloth, beads, fishing swivels
Have you ever done that mountain-out-of-a-molehill thing?
Me, too.
I've made several mobiles with one vertical assembly, and one with 3 elements hanging horizontally on one arm.  
 Detail, Jelly No5 © Christie Minchew 2014
But I finally managed to get 4 elements on 3 arms and they move around each other beautifully.  I love it when a plan comes together :). 
I'll be bringing it to "Come Out and Play", an Sculpture and Art Show, every Saturday from 4p-dark through September 20th.  It's a very fun show in a beautiful setting with free food and music and a lot of fun, wacky, some serious, a lot beautiful art!

Dog Kisses and Sweet Words

Dog Kisses © Christie Minchew 2014
fiber rush, bamboo skewers, cardboard, paper, tuille and joomchi (mulberry paper)

I had a get together with my college roommate and her daughter a couple of weeks ago and made these prototypes for them.
Dog Kisses © Christie Minchew 2014
I wanted to experiment with a couple of things: odd shapes, variations of height on the sides and adding a bit of a surprise when you looked into the basket.
Sweet Words © Christie Minchew 2014
fiber rush, bamboo skewers, cardboard, paper, and joomchi (mulberry paper)
I learned a lot from these little experiments.
Sweet Words © Christie Minchew 2014
And Kim and Suzy were willing guinea pigs :).